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We believe that the development of human life can be likened to the growth of a seed.  The child is like a small seed; the role of education is like the cultivation of the seed, which requires careful pruning and attention in order to grow well, and become a strong and healthy plant.  

We believe that every individual has different intellectual abilities and talents, and that these should be respected and appreciated.  During childhood, it is important that everybody should have the chance to learn in different ways that are suitable for each individual.

We believe that Happy Seeds is developed for the children.  We are student-centred, and always endeavour to provide the best environment for them.  We also persevere to provide education for everybody, and to teach children of all abilities.  We want to give each child the chance to succeed in meeting their goals.

We believe that education must also involve love, and a good three-way communication between the child, their parents and the teachers.  Teachers and parents should accompany the children to walk through the stages of their lives, help them to investigate their potential and attain their ideal.



We believe that education is not simply a mechanical input of knowledge, but it also involves the “leading out of intelligence.  Thus, according to intelligence theories, each child should, at each stage of their development, be provided with assistance to solve the various problems they will face.  By first recognizing their weaknesses, we can then provide different ways to stimulate the child mind, in order to strengthen their weaknesses and ensure each child has the chance to succeed.



We believe that everybody should be encouraged to express what he or she wants, and by our active involvement, we can work together to help each child attain their goals.



We believe that the creation of a suitable learning environment is very important.  We make the best efforts to construct an appropriate environment that involves learning through the creative use of all our senses.  By establishing a stimulating environment for learning, we are able to hold the attention of each child and enhance the absorption rate of learning.



We believe that the provision of unconditional love and of a good role model plays a vital part in education.  Thus, parents play a very important part in the education of their child, and need to be dedicated to meet their child旧 learning and development needs.  As teachers, we actively cooperate to encourage each child to develop good behaviours and practices, in the hope that, together, we can help each child develop good character and make a valuable contribution to society.





「我們深信﹐人的生活是一篇生命的小樂章﹐不是毫無意義的音符。教育工作就是將個 人的樂章在人生舞台上發展成為一首動人雅歌。」


「我們深信﹐人有天賦的多元智能及個別差異﹐應當被尊重欣賞。在童年學習過程中應 使其有機會置身於多元學習領域中﹐得到合宜的裁培及成長。」


「我們深信﹐學校是為學生而設立的﹐應以學生為中心﹐並提供良好學習環境﹐同時秉 持有教無類信念﹐讓每一個人都有充分實踐自我目標價值的機會。」


「我們深信﹐教育必須有愛的滋潤與雙向交流﹐老師父母應該陪伴孩子走過人生基礎階 段﹐幫助其找尋內在動機﹐發揮潛能﹐達到適才適所的理想。」



我們相信﹐教育的意義不在輸入知識﹐而在喚醒智能(to Lead Out)。 根據多元智能理論﹐提供孩子一個智能舞台﹐幫助每個孩子融解弱勢領域﹐發展強勢領 域﹐使每個孩子都有成功的機會。 



我們相信﹐唯有讓一個人擇其所愛﹐才能要求他愛其所擇。根據內在動機理論﹐提供孩 子一個生命舞台﹐幫助每個孩子透過積極的成長﹐實現自我﹐參與社會。



我們相信﹐陪孩子學習需要先營造環境。我們積極營造學習環境﹐讓多感官的學習﹐提 昇學習的吸收率﹔ 透過藝術教育強化注意力、專注力﹐及自動化的技巧﹐增進學習效果。



我們相信﹐教育之道無它﹐愛與榜樣而已。我們的家長無怨的配合﹐我們的老師無悔的 奉獻﹐親師積極合作﹐幫助孩子在品格第一的原則下﹐建立良好的習慣。


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